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If you have stumbled upon this blog, you are most likely searching for spiritual guidance or healing in a certain aspect of your life.

Modern Wisdom Healing provides messages and guidance for those wanting to integrate spirituality and its laws into the constraints of the physical realm. Author Melanie Whiting’s approach to new-age techniques and beliefs can suit all modern lifestyles and all walks of life. A modern woman herself, she has the understanding and ability to help others blend spiritual practices into this busy, fast paced world.

From articles and tips on health and wellbeing, to sustainability, beauty and lifestyle – the teachings of Modern Wisdom Healing can help those souls searching for higher meaning and a lighter path. This doesn’t mean Melanie claims to know all the answers. Instead, she invites you to join her and learn from her own experiences as she moves towards spiritual enlightenment. 

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Modern Wisdom Healing
Modern Wisdom Healing

Welcome to the Modern Wisdom Healing Blog.

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